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  • Aveazey

    Ready, Set, Go!
    Posted on May 25, 2011 by Annie

    I will be starting my new job teaching 5th grade at Dalian American International School in August!

    Check out My School Website!

    I will leave SC on July 29th, take a looooong flight, sleep off my jet lag and then begin a week of training!

    More to come soon!!

    Posted from China.
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  • 1travel_monkey in America

    Well, here goes....   We leave tomorrow on our big adventure.  To day we are organizing and packing all the junk we are taking. We have never done blog before so th is going to be a learning experience. 


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  • Globetrotter713 in Thailand

    After unsuccessfully trying to avoid a car accident having aquaplanning in Newcastle, Australia; 3 1/2 days groaning with pain like a woman whos pregnant doing budrubbing in a vineyard in Blenheim, NZ; seeing someone suddenly come in and fall over in Auckland, NZ, having the best Christmas kayaking to a lonely beach and drinking coconut in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji; loosing life when the campervan with everything except 2 shoes (of 20!), 2 pants and 2 shirts & "valuables" gets stolen in North Melbourne, Australia; living in the middle of nowhere, in a countryhotel of a town with 700 habitants, the next (but even smaller) one 200km away, in Meekatharra, Australia, throwing tons of money out but at least seeing elephants drinking from a pool in the night in Botswana, South Africa; booking a wrong flight being drunk and ending up spending only the day in Vegas, USA, looking forward to going back so much and then actually noticing that this is not feeling right in Munich, Germany, walking 300km on the Camino de Santiago (cheating the other 500km by catching rides with the total of 55) to Santiago de Compostella, Spain; experiencing one of the biggest disaster in the world staying in Osaka, Japan; obviously being followed by natural catastrophes having monsun rains in March leading to a kneehigh flood and a night with candles/morning with no water in Krabi, Thailand yesterday and getting my breasts massaged by a Thai woman doing my first oil massage, what I didnt notice is actually the full body just about an hour ago in Phuket, Thailand; and several people asking for it I finally decided to start writing a blog.

    I am on the road since exactly 22months tomorrow and I am not planning to get off until I am 30 years old. Until then I am planning to enter every country in this world as I can't imagine my curiosity disappearing before that so I am able to live in a place constantly. But this plan might change as all my others did, recently booked a flight to Bangkok to meet a friend who was supposed to make it to Seoul, but was too concerned about the Atomic plant. So, I still have friends in Tokyo!!! But Thailand sounded like the perfect place right now anyway. I didnt look forward to China that much yet. Heard more stories about Thailand, especially about the nice weather... Now I don't even know if I can make it to the place close to Surat Thani, because apparently the road is broken so even on the mainland (I was already freaking out yesterday morning when I heard the boat to Phi Phi isnt going and I have to skip it, then again when I heard the buses arent going for me either cause theyre full, when i found a private one and one of the three German girls I was with noticed she forgot her passport after halfway and then all together when they cancelled the last bus to Phuket (with some more people who had a flight the next morning)) we are STUCK!! See what happens, I have to find a way this or the other way. From tomorrow I'll be living in a temple, get up at 4pm, meditate and do some yoga at 8am. Thats how it goes on all day. Oh shit, and what am I doing with the two bottles of alcohol I carry around with me since 2days? Have them for breakfast maybe. Cheers!

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