• Malaga Just a Gateway to the Costa del Sol ?

    I've been to Malaga many times - always for the minimum time required to land at Malaga Airport and head off to the Costa Del Sol. So I'm planning on spending some time in Malaga on my next trip. I've found a good hotel in Malaga  

    image12 I like the look of the Vincci Málaga 4. It is on the seafront and is not so expensive as I expected.
    As I'm not intending to arrive in the middle of the night and leave the hotel the next morning, what I need now is places to visit in Malaga. I'm immediately pleasantly surprised to discover that EmTech Spain will be held in Malaga next week! Then there are some very interesting locations. There is an impressive Bull Ring that I'd like to visit. Plus, I'd forgotten that Picasso's birthplace is in Malaga.

    At the Casas del Campo, a building that is two blocks, separated by a street, one of these flats was occupied by Picasso during the part of his life he spent in Malaga. And at a mere 1 euro admission I must see this.
    It is winter so I'll try and visit Santuario de la Virgen de la Victoriaand Malaga’s Centre for Contemporary Art
    As for getting into Malaga from the Airport the Cercanías Málaga train goes to Malaga city centre from the Airport.
    It seems that it is a good idea to spend some time in Malaga !

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